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Enjoy the benefits of oral appliance therapy when you visit the dental office of Don A. Pantino, DDS in Islip, New York. Our friendly staff will develop a treatment plan best suited for you.


If you are an appropriate candidate for oral appliance therapy after the initial consultation, we will send a narrative report along with a copy of your sleep study and insurance form, as well as a referral for authorization and predetermination of benefits. Before any treatment is rendered, we will try our best to find the benefits you will receive and if you have any out-of-pocket expenses.

Billing & Insurance

For your dental needs, our office participates with a number of dental insurance companies and accepts assignments from others. We will submit claims for your dental visits, treatment, and surgery on your behalf. The office accepts major credit cards like Visa™, Discover™, and Amex™, and we also provide payment plans such as CareCredit™.

Payment Options

If your insurance is simply not available, we can arrange payment options. We stop at nothing to keep our services convenient and affordable for you.

Medical Coverage

The treatment of sleep disorders and oral appliance therapy, although provided by a dentist, is considered a medical treatment that addresses a medical condition (i.e. sleep apnea) and not a dental condition. In most cases, it is covered under your medical insurance. In order to be covered, medical necessity has to be demonstrated. This is usually accomplished with a sleep study and referral from your physician. Patients who have tried various surgical procedures without success are covered in the majority of cases. They are subject to deductible and the durable medical equipment of your policy.